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You're cool. He likes to sing popular songs. How did he earn his daily bread? I feel a pain in my back. I need to know it. Let's put this in the corner.

His failure resulted from his carelessness.

Donal said he thought Kee was in Boston.

I haven't heard of her since then. Whenever I'm at the pizza parlour, I make you self-conscious. You always think there has to be something happening. Vladislav can no longer be a member of our committee. Jiri knows you're the one that started this. Kerri ran over to help Ima. What else are you going to get rid of? I was taken in by the salesman. Ram went on vacation. What the hell kind of movie is this?

There are still people who love eating native rice cakes.

Kate gave me your number. Julian still has work to do.

Is it true that Myrick changed his name? He retired at 65. Rajarshi isn't looking too good. He cheated on the test and got caught. There was a chain-reaction crash during rush hour. People used to write books using typewriters. Once more! Jaime is a bad kisser. I think I've heard this song before. We might need to help him.

I went to the library. Why have you been asking me these questions? I won't miss him. The big fish loves the deep. He derived much pleasure from books.

We'd never hurt them. Kerry seems to go out of his way to criticize me. My telephone number is 9876-5432.

A combination of several mistakes led to the accident. You've got to respect Milner. Val hasn't come home yet. I didn't think it was a problem. Our school stands on a hill. Felix helped Oliver put her coat on.

When compared to Paris, London is large. Terrence doesn't miss a thing. He told me that he had gone there. I have bills to pay. Could he, he would open 8 days a week.

They are unbelievably dishonest. Where did you two first meet each other? I want to talk to Pratt about Hal. Bart likes binge-watching shows on Netflix. Wherever he goes, he has bodyguards with him.

She did not listen. Don't worry. Everything is under control.